Saturday, June 13, 2009

a note from land of the English

Assalamualikum ya'all, very happy even though Iam not there,,in the phone conversation in the back ground I can hear laughter,happiness ..Syabasss Master Lenon for organising the gathering.. and the Ad82 regulars Adi,Ben,Fendi n Mail.. dapat cakap ngan bob after 9 years and Kam after 23 yrs alhamdulillah make me happy,,as for me insyallah will b in malaysia nxt year but i not yet know exactly when,,Nothing like meeting good old friends and talk about the good old times!!! hehehe sound like an old man me!!! anyway have a jolly good time..must do it again and dont be a stranger to each other

1 comment:

  1. Jin,wish I could be longer on the phone. Thanks mate. Will do it again whenever Youre in Malaysia.