Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cikgu Kita Dulu : Fine Art 83-86

Prof Ponirin Amin
Cik Poni buat kita, very phylosophical, ajar print making dari 03 sampai 08. Sekarang Dekan Akedemik UiTM.
Thank You Sir..

Dr Sulaiman Esa,
Cik Leman, taught us painting in final year,
very verbal... pernah visit saya kat artist colony ..
Thank You Sir..

Prof Fauzan Omar,
Open our eyes in creative drawing,
Now lecturing at USM.
Thank You Sir.

Prof Ariffin Ismail.
'Pin' to us, taking us sculpturing, from 83-86.
Now Dean Faculty of Art & Design, UiTM, Alor Gajah.
Thanks Pin.

Mr Choong Kam Kow,
Taught us painting from Pre dip to second year.
Mr Choong's famous qoute : 'Wane yang didak dade harus didadekan, kecualian kelue lue nye didak dade...'
Mr Choong now is the Director of MIA.
Thank You Sir.

And we have Mr Tang Tuck Kan at drawing, Prof Zakaria Awang for sculpture and Prof Dzul Helmi on Art History...Thank You again Sir.

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