Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sis Saemah AD83

Sis Saemah aka Puan Saem to the fashion students is one of our friends that I've met every time the fashion department is having the end of semester assesment.
Sis Saemah is a senior lecturer at the Fashion department, UiTM.
Sis Saemah is still as sweet as she was during the student days. Together with Dekni and their gang, this group is very close with me and the 82's.

Sis Saemah, tengah meneliti kerja pelajar untuk semester ini.

During last semesters assesment day.

Sis Saemah in red t-shirt with the AD83 gang.
Last photo: Dekni's - TQ


  1. Bro Lenon~~
    Thanks 4 da nice post. Terubat rindu tengok saem. Dia ni memang sebaik2 insan,, Thanks again!