Thursday, January 21, 2010

Atip's Family Visit, 2 Jan 2010

Its been more than two weeks since Atip and his family gave us a visit at Puncak Alam. Atip and Fa must be wondering why such a backdated posting.
First and foremost, Thanks again guys for the lovely and meaningful visit.

The reason being that we are to excited and happy with your visit, We are too absorbed in the feeling and taking pictures come second to that. Furthermore I felt uneasy to make the kids uncomfortable, Its as if like the documentation is more important than the visit.

After a while, while browsing through my collection of photos, I stumble upon these pics, and the sweet memmories slide back in my mind and so, heres another posting.
We really feel like visiting you guys again, that is, if you guys still welcomes us.
Anyway you still owe us 'makang satar and otok-otok at Kuale Kemamang and the famous coffee at the kopitiam that you have been promoting...

And you guys are always welcome again to Puncak anytime.
Thanks Atip, Fa and kids.
More stories and pics of the visit at ASW's blogs.

The big picture,my family and Atip's

The kids with their Dad. Must be something interesting there.

Atip entering a life posting of their visit to Budak AD82 under the watchful eye of ASW.


  1. Dear Mr. Shook,

    We really want to drop by at your place again. Even Atip once said, `ala..Puncak Alam bukannya jauh sangat..kita yang sesat barat!!' And of course I agree with that. Nanti we all singgah lagi, with the keropok lekor of course!Kak Eta, boleh buat cheesecake lagi tak???

    Rumah we all sentiasa terbuka untuk you all. Kite gi makang otok2 ngan sata orrkkk!!! Sedakkk...sedakkkk...

  2. Fa, boleh sangat...Insyaallah. Chese cake version lain la pulok deh!

  3. Alahai Ita,I miss the cheese cake part. Like this lah, Fa datang rumah dulu, then we'll take you to Ita's, amacam? Tak sesat inshaAllah.
    Saje cari sebab nak makan cheesecake. heehee...
    eh, eh...sorry lenon, ingatkan ini blog rupatinta.

  4. Elee, you, Lan & family are most welcome anytime, tak payah tunggu Fa ngan Atip.

  5. InsyaAllah tak ada aral nanti bulan Feb ni kami akan menyusul.

  6. Kak Nor dan Bro Tolahah,
    Dengan besar hati,... dipersilakan!