Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Round Chair Club

Heheh...Saya rasa ramai di antara kita yang bergambar di atas kerusi bulat sebegini.... so nostalgic. My assumption is that, being a baby or toddlers at our time, our mum would love to have our cute face recorded. Most of our parents don't have cameras like today, and they have to take us to a photo studio or 'kedai gambar' to have it done.
Wanting a shot where the baby sits alone, there's no other safer chair than the 'kerusi bulat'...
So guys if you have such photos too, lets join the club... send them here!

The President of the ad82 Round Chair Club - Baby Eleena.

The Chairman - Baby Dato' Bob.

The Vice President - Baby Pyan.

The Treasurer - Baby Laila.

The Club Advisor - Baby Shook with his PA, Sis Umi.

Post Idea proposed by ASW. Thanks


  1. hehehe...interesting and so sweet. Tq! Malangnya gambar Atip dah kena makan anai2...(dia kata). :)

  2. LOL!!! I'm the president? ROTF!!
    This IS a good idea Lenon. A blog for the round chair club.